God is Good

     Have you ever been so grateful that your heart is overflowing and tears keep welling up in your eyes? So grateful that words can’t truly express the gratitude you feel? I have to say I feel that way, right now. And let me tell you, it’s in times like these I’m glad I don’t wear make-up – could you imagine the mascara running all down my face.
     This bout of extreme gratitude didn’t come without hardship, without the feeling of unworthiness, or fear of disappointment. At times I felt stretched beyond my ability to stretch. And I cried. Tears streamed as I pled with Heavenly Father to help me through this stressful time. To make the pain in my head go away so I could study. That I could put forth the time preparing for my national test so that I could have His help. I believe that if I put forth the time and effort He will bring things to my remembrance in time of need. Here I was in a position where I couldn’t put in the time and effort I thought was needed because of this headache where I couldn’t read for 3 days. And then when I could it was short little spurts.
     You know what, in these moments I was brought to remember the goodness of God. I was reminded that whatever the outcome, pass the test or not, all would be well. That I didn’t need to fear the outcome. You see God, Our Father in Heaven, knows us. He’s on our side. He knows what’s ahead and if we hold on to that then peace and happiness are right there even if it doesn’t turn out the way we’d hope. As soon as I remembered this, peace did come and the stress calmed down.
     I have had so many instances of things working out in my life, that it seems crazy to still freak out in situations like these. Satan wants us to feel this way. He wants us to give up. Thank goodness our Heavenly Father is patient. We always have the opportunity to remember that He is there, it will work out and know that God is good, and THAT'S what I'm grateful for.
     To alleviate the suspense, I did pass the test and now as I look for a job I need to remember this amazing feeling of gratitude and remember that it will work out instead of falling back into the same mode of trying to rely solely on myself. With God, All things are possible.
    The next time you feel so stressed and stretched, remember it will work out for the best and that God is on your side. Yes, God is GOOD.